Through the Ages is on Sale and New DLC Out Now

Through the Ages is a digital adaptation of one of the best board games ever designed. The aim of the game is like many civilizations based games, lead your tiny civilization to glory and conquer the world.

Through the Ages – New DLC Came out Yesterday

Gameplay of Through the Ages mixes card-based strategy with resource management. There are multiple ways to win a game of Through the Ages, besides destroying all your opponents in battle.

There is the traditional singleplayer game mode and online and local multiplayer on the same device. There are special scenarios to play which require a change in play style and traditional board game rules and streamlined digital version rules.

If you are interested in grabbing a discounted copy of Through the Ages, then visit the Google Play store. Instead, if you are interested in the latest DLC, it will cost $4.99 and has new leaders and wonders. If you want to know more about the DLC, you can read up on the Steam Page.

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