Thumbstar Games bring their puzzle game Pinch 2 Special Edition over to Android

Thumbstar Games have released a new puzzle game onto Android called Pinch 2 Special Edition. Having recently released their rather crazy version of a Brickbreaker game called SpaceOff, this new puzzle game is also rather unique in that you’ll have to combine and separate your little characters in order to reach the end of each level safely.

You will have to figure out how to pass your little blob characters through the matching colored doors. However, if you don’t have the color you need to get through a door, you’ll have to figure out how to combine your blobs to turn them into one blob of a matching color. For example, if you have a blue and yellow blob but a green door, you combine those two to make one green blob, then you can pass through the door.

Pinch 2 Special Edition Features:

• 100 challenging levels to complete.
• Beautiful visuals and intuitive gameplay built specifically for touch-screen devices.
• Complete levels in different ways to win awards.
• 20 Achievements for completionists, and Leaderboards for competitive puzzle experts!
• Original Music and Sound Effects from award-winning composers.
• Colour Blind Mode for those with difficulty distinguishing certain colours.

This use of combining and separating your little blobs also plays a part in other devices that you need to pass through and use to get around each stage to the exit. Further into the game, the puzzles get quite challenging. If you are up for a new puzzle game and don’t have enough on your plate with the Google Play sale going on, you can grab Pinch 2 Special Edition off of the Google Play store for $0.99.

Google Play Link: Pinch 2 Special Edition

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