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Thumper: Pocket Edition, the rhythm action boss battler, is on sale on Android

Thumper Android

Thumper: Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the psychedelic rhythm action boss battler, is currently going cheap on Android.

You play as some kind of space beetle who has to speed its way through a variety of terrifying levels.

Thumper is a terrifying rhythm action runner

As you progress, you’ll unlock new moves that you’ll have to memorise if you want to safely make it to the end.

You’ll be able to see the boss as well, which takes the form of a horrific giant head.

There are nine levels in total to beat, each with its own boss battle, and the whole experience runs in 60 FPS.

So if you like the sound of Guitar Hero meets a runner, go ahead and grab Thumper cheap right now on Google Play.

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