Ticket to Earth’s Final Episode 4 is Out Right Now on Android

Ticket to Earth’s final episode, episode four, has just launched on Google Play, concluding the story of the hit puzzle RPG.

It tells the tale of a distant planet, New Providence, which has been left to die following a mining boom.

Ticket to Earth Episode 4 Concludes the Story

Only one Earth-bound ship remains, meaning orphan Rose has to battle a corrupt government and the rebel marauders to get on it.

You play as Rose and a team of heroes as you participate in a bunch of puzzling battles. Battles take place on a grid, with each square a different colour.

Matching colours together as you work your way around the grid performs a wide-variety of attacks and power-ups, and you can unlock new gear to further boost your power as you progress.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Ticket to Earth and its final chapter 4, which concludes the story.

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