Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 lands on the Xperia Play game launcher

EA has released another sports game onto Android, or should we say the Xperia Play, called Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 which was originally available on EA’s Flexion store for a short bit yesterday morning before making it’s way into all Xperia Play devices through the game launcher.

Like any other real sports game, you are able to create your own golfer in Tiger Wood PGA Tour 12 to play as or you can select from a variety of pros to play as including the Tiger himself if you want to. You’ll be globe trotting around and playing on some of the most well known golf courses which seems to be rendered in some pretty nice 3D eye candy for you to enjoy. Just like any self-respecting golf game, you have your own clubs, the ability to control the power of your swing and just about every feature you would find in a golf title from EA. There is also a new boost feature that will help you add a little extra to your swing.

This game also comes with something called Tiger’s Challenge which is a feature that is made up of 20 mini-games for you to play if you feel like doing something a little less time consuming than playing an entire 18 holes. You can check out some gameplay footage in the video about to see how it all goes down on the Xperia Play with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.

You can only get this game, as of right now, off the Flexion EA Store for the Xperia Play or in a simplier, and much easier way, get it off the game launcher that comes with the Xperia Play. It’s a demo version when you first open it up so it isn’t free, you will have to pay around $7 for the full version. No word yet on if, or when, this will come to other Android devices.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the tip and video!

Developer Website: EA Mobile

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