Time Cube 3D is like an inverted Rubik’s Cube for you to figure out

A new puzzle game has arrived onto Google Play and if you are a fan of Rubik’s Cube then you’ll probably dig Time Cube 3D. The best way to explain this game is that it is basically a sort of inverted Rubik’s Cube that you’ll need to figure out. Just to make things a bit more challenging though, you have a set time limit to figure it all out.

Basically, what you have to do in Time Cube 3D is match the color of the outer edges of each cube section with the corresponding colored space inside the cube that is facing you at the time. So if the inside of the cube is showing red, all the edges on that face of the cube must also be red.

Time Cube 3D also has a fairly minimalistic feel to it in terms of graphics and the sound. While you do have to hurry to get the cube done due to the time limit you have, it is also very relaxing to play. For those of you up for giving this rather unique Rubik’s Cube variant a try, you can download the game for free.

Google Play Link: Time Cube 3D

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