Time-hopping RPG Evoland 2 is finally out on Android

Evoland 2 Android

After an almost three-year wait, Evoland 2 has finally come to Android.

This sprawling RPG sequel from developer Shiro Games sees you guiding Kuro and his companion Fina through a fantasy universe that spans several eras of videogame history.

That means you might spend a while in a top-down, Secret of Mana-style section with Game Boy graphics before suddenly finding yourself in a PS2-era 3D section.

That’s the gimmick, but Evoland 2 has a lot going for it besides its time travel motif. It has solid dialogue, rewarding gameplay, and an impressive 20 hours of playing time.

The Android version is published by Playdigious, and you can grab it on Google Play here.

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