Tintin Match is Coming to Android Next Week

Tintin Match, a matching puzzler based on the Tintin franchise, is coming to the Google Play Store on August the 31st. That’s next Monday.

Currently available in early access, Tintin Match is exactly the game you’re imagining: a bold, colorful take on the Toon Blast format with regular appearances from Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, and other series regulars. 

Storywise, the game centers around a perplexing mystery involving counterfeit money, a kidnapping, a waylaid letter, and a crab tin.

To solve the case you’ll need to complete puzzle stages, crafting resources, deploying boosts, and trying to get three stars.

Tintin Match isn’t the most original or inspired title in gameplay terms, but it should appease fans of Tintin and fans of casual puzzlers in roughly equal measure. 

You can download Tintin Match for free right now in early access, and you’ll be able to download the proper final version from next Monday. 

Source: Pocket Gamer

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