Fulfil a dying man’s wishes in the heartwarming retro adventure To The Moon, out now on Android

To The Moon

Hankering after a little spice in your Android gaming diet? You should give To The Moon a shot then. It’s a heartwarming retro adventure in which you have to fulfil a dying man’s last wish.

You play as the two doctors tasked with this, and you have to enter his memories to artificially achieve this. That’s their job – give terminal patients a wonderful memory to pass away to.

The story is ridiculously sweet, and matched by the gorgeous JRPG-inspired visuals. It’s very reminiscent of early Final Fantasy, but a tiny bit more beautiful.

To The Moon

In terms of gameplay, this isn’t your classic RPG. There’s no combat, and it’s largely a stop and smell the roses experience.

You’ll mainly focus on the narrative, and piece together the events that originally prevented the patient from reaching the moon.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, go and grab To The Moon from Google Play right now.

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