Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Infiltrates the Google Play Store

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Android

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, Ubisoft’s hotly anticipated strategy role-playing game, has successfully infiltrated the Google Play Store after breaching the approvals process using stun grenades and small arms fire. 

The game sees you forming teams made up of classic Ubisoft characters and taking them into 5v5 battles in a variety of locations. 

The list of playable characters is a who’s who of Ubisoft badasses, including Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, Caviera from Rainbow Six Siege, El Sueno from Ghost Recon, and many others. 

Locations, meanwhile, include the Brooklyn Bridge from The Division (and Brooklyn, NY), Death Angel Church from Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Detention Facility from Splinter Cell Blacklist. 

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is free to play with IAPs for in-game items. You can download it right now on the Google Play Store. 

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