Toon Clash Chess is the cartoon version of Battle Chess, now available on Android

Ludus Studios has released their version of Battle Chess, only this version has a much more cartoon style of it, which is probably obvious with the game’s name being Toon Clash Chess. As you may be guessing, this is the board game Chess but with animated characters which fight each other when taking over a spot.

Toon Clash Chess features 100s of different characters to play with, all of which are rendered with 3D visuals and all are animated to fight. There are a number of different settings to play your game of chess in, including a forest, Playville, or inside a magical tree. There is both single-player mode, going up against AI opponents, as well as playing against other people using the same device.

Toon Clash Chess Features:

• Unique action 3D characters.
• Hundreds of fun arcade style animations bringing chess pieces to live.
• Choose the team you like best – black or white – and play against the AI.
• Two player hot-seat mode to play with your friends and family on a single device wherever you are
• Auto save your last game to continue playing whenever you want.
• Undo moves (unlimited in full version)
• Hints (available in the full version)
• Classic 2D pieces mode
• Enjoy different views: Side-Perspective view, Top view and Free Camera view modes – touch and rotate the camera at your angle of preference.

If you’re into the animated battle Chess style of games, you might want to check this one out. Toon Clash Chess is available to download and play for free to a certain extent, with a full version available as an IAP. You can check out the game in action with the trailer below.

Amazon Marketplace: Toon Clash Chess

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