Top 5 Games for the G1



Being a pilot myself it’s no surprise that I love any games to do with flying and/or airplanes in general. On the iPhone there is a similar app (the name of which escapes me) whereby you direct aircraft into an airport by dragging a line with your finger. Of course things get harder and you’ll soon find yourself with dozens of aircraft flying in circles, all waiting to land. Flying Aces for Android is simply just that – but with a tad more color and of course, available on the Market.

Fortunately (as described in this article) Flying Aces is now freeware as opposed to its former payware model. A nice addition to this latest release is of course the pictured “GFX” option on the main menu – but when I first grabbed the demo from the Market a few months back there was no option for this and I dare say, I don’t see the need for it. Flying Aces runs perfectly on my G1 – in fact it runs more than perfectly, it runs (terrible pun ahoy..) like a Dream. I found no stuttering or slowing down of any sort when playing it, and even when I had music playing on the stock Android media player it still ran quite efficiently. The only problem I foresee with it is if you play for more than half an hour you’ll find half of your battery missing, but with all the juice being squeezed into the GPU I can’t blame it really. But apart from that, Flying Aces runs smoothly with a high framerate and excellent responses.



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