Top 5 Games for the G1

If you take one look at the Android Market you’ll find heaps upon heaps of classic arcade titles, from asteroid replicas to tower defense similars.. Long being a favorite of mine, I’ve tested dozens of Tetris clones and when I found this little title known as Titres, I had to have it.

Unlike many Tetris clones, Titres is minimal in size weighing in at 148kb on my G1 and giving you quite a timely download rate, even on a sub-3G connection. There’s no fancy bells or whistles to it really, apart from a vibration feature that shakes your handset when you complete a line and the nice ability for it to pause when you want it to, so you can carry on playing later. Being only a Tetris clone it’s also quite sparing on the resources, with no real problem occurring when playing nor when bringing up the menu. I’ve found no bugs in it either, and it proves a huge time waster when you just want something to play that is quick and easy. It’s kind to the battery as well, and I’ve played this for a total of an hour and haven’t seen the battery levels drop below 50%.


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