Top 5 Games for the G1



Getting away from classics for the time being (they do come back, never fear..) I recently downloaded this from the Market just to see how well it would run. I became aware only in the past few months that 3D gaming had actually come to the Android platform, with the likes of the Droid and the Nexus One having stomping big CPUs I wasn’t really surprised. Tux Rider is a VERY fun little game using the accelerometer on your G1, recently being ported from the iPhone. Simply you control the penguin as he descends the slope by tilting the phone from side to side, picking up fish as you go. Sheemples, eh?

Tux Rider runs surprisingly well on my G1. Not perfectly albeit, but it’s certainly playable, coming in at around a steady 17-18 frames per second with stuttering only on the first or second play through. For a 3D application it really does push the poor G1 to its limits but in my view it’s worth it. Of course the huge disadvantage here being the colossal drain on battery power, so I wouldn’t recommend playing this when your on a long flight or whatnot purely because you won’t have any juice left once you touch down!

That downside said it is quite a fun little game which I’m keeping on my device for now. Some forums recommend Android 2.0 and up for this due to compatibility issues, but running the latest Cyanogen release I’m not seeing any problem.


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