Top 5 Games for the G1


Sounding like a bad US television show, Pac-man and Snake are must haves for the G1. Not only classics, but very lightweight in terms of resources. Snake weighs in on my G1 at just under 100kb, whereas Pac-man only 120kb. So if your concerned about UI performance after installing games – these two are really ones to go for. Neither need much of an introduction but really, should they? Snake started life on old Nokias, so to see it having survived all the way to the genuis-phone age is fantastic and Pac-man is the same arcade classic you used to waste your pocket money on as a kid.

I’ve tried to cover most tastes here without going into too much depth but really there are so many things that the G1 still has to offer the best advice I can give is to just go out and try apps yourself. Most game developers offer demos on the market now, and with the likes of Namco bringing a lot of their titles to the platform and a lot of iPhone ports coming our way soon, we can only hope that our G1s will still hold up to the task..

-Frank P



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