Torchlight: Infinite Closed Beta Kicking Off Today

At the end of last year, sign-ups for the first Torchlight: Infinite closed beta test went live. And today, that closed beta is kicking off in several countries across the world.

Which countries? Players from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who are selected to participate should get the info through any day now.

There’s also a new trailer showing off some of the carnage you can expect in the beta. Shall we take a moment and watch it? We shall, because it’s the end of the third paragraph.

During the beta all heroes, skills, items, and maps can be unlocked for free. There’ll be randomized dungeons, encounters, and loot drops with magic find.

On top of that there’ll be no attack cooldowns or stamina system to limit extended play sessions. Which does make it sound like there’ll be a stamina system when the game launches. Uh.

You can still sign up for the closed beta over at the official Torchlight: Infinite website by clicking here. We’ll let you know when and if the beta expands.

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