Total Recall – The Game – Episode 1 Quietly Sneaks onto Google Play

There are times when a new game is released and it totally slips under our (and in some cases everyone’s) radar. Well, that’s the story with Total Recall – The Game – Ep1, which is based on the original Total Recall movie (not to be mistaken with the other Total Recall game which is a tie-in with the remake of the original) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is a side-scrolling shooting game with a two-button jump/shoot layout. You play as Doug and have to battle enemies and bosses on planet Mars, and in the process uncover the 10 hidden secrets. As the title suggests, this is the first episode, and rightly so the developers make it clear that the next one is coming soon.

The game’s features:

– Fun and intuitive gameplay
– Side-scrolling platform-shooter
– Discover big levels, offering a long time to play
– High quality 3D graphics
– Lots of enemies and bosses
– Different weapons, some limited in ammo

I quickly played through for a few minutes and found the graphics to be really good. It beats me how this game only has gotten 3 Google Play ratings (and 2 reviews) in the 10 days it has been released. But being the first game from a new developer, it does have some issues with the controls. Hopefully they sort that one out soon enough. Get it off Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Total Recall – The Game – Ep1

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