Total War: Medieval II Coming to Android This Spring

Feral Interactive has announced that it’s bringing its middle-ages strategy classic Total War: Medieval II to the Play Store later this year. Knights and arrows a-go-go.

This sequel adds new layers of complexity to the template set down by the original. You’re building settlements and dealing with state affairs here. And there’s more sophisticated campaign mechanics.

There are plenty of tweaks to the UI to make the game play brilliantly on mobile, as we’ve come to expect from Feral’s strategy ports. Here’s a trailer featuring some swords and shields.

You’re going to be fighting across three different continents, trying to forge an empire that stretches from the squelchy mud of western Europe to the Arabian desert.

Total War: Medieval II is set to launch on Android in Spring 2022. And you’ll be the first to know when we hear about a more concrete release date and a price point for this one.

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