Touchgrind Scooter Launching for Android Next Month

Earlier this year, Illusion Labs released the latest game in its Touchgrind series, Touchgrind Scooter, on iOS. Since then you’ve no doubt been waiting anxiously to find out when you could get your fingers on it. Well now we have an answer – next month.

The game takes the basic shape of the other Touchgrind games in translating an extreme sport to fingertip controls. This time round you’re scooting around on a scooter, as the title probably suggests.

You’re flicking and swiping to pull off tricks, grinding along rails and taking on other players in high scoring competitions. It’s pretty good. Here’s a trailer.

There are loads of customization options to unlock so you can trick out your scooter, a bunch of different levels to explore and multiple paths through all of them. Throw in some different modes as well.

The game is set to launch for Android on December 8th, which isn’t that far away if you think about it. Pre-registration for Touchgrind Scooter is live on the Play Store right now, and you can click here to do that.

And if you fancy finding out more about the game, click here to check out its official website.

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