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Tower of Fantasy pre-load begins with almost too many free things

The free-to-play gacha game Tower of Fantasy is primed to be a huge release on Android. Another open-world multiplayer experience, this gacha is gunning for the Genshin crown even moreso than Noah‘s Heart. 

Tower of Fantasy pre-load begins 

After a huge pre-registration period raking in 3 million potential players, Tower of Fantasy is almost here. Prior to the game’s launch tomorrow, developer Hotta Studio has opened up pre-loading. 

Those who pre-load the game will be able to play the game as soon as it launches. After all, with such a huge open world, Tower of Fantasy is quite the download! 

Those who do successfully pre-load the game will be able to gain a huge number of rewards. If you play during the event, you’ll get 59 gacha draws, 650 dark crystals, a SSR weapon of your choice, an SSR relic and 10 rare cosmetics. 

Furthermore, you’ll still be able to gain extra rewards if you play within 180 days of launch. These additional rewards include 10 gacha pulls, 500 dark crystals, and a number of rare items. What items? Well, Leader of Astra, Aida Trailblazer, Avatar (cute), Orion and Star Sand. 

As we have yet to play the game, we have no idea what the latter rewards are. However, they’ll likely be fine rewards if you’re just looking to play the game.  

Should I play? 

Of course, these rewards only matter if you’re actually going to play Tower of Fantasy. If you’re not interested in the Genshin-style game, then these rewards mean nothing to you. 

Whether or not you should play it isn’t a decision we should make, it’s all on you. From the outside in, it looks like a fine game. But will it be the Genshin killer it’s aiming to be?

If you’re interested in downloading the game, check it out here.

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