Tower of Fantasy Vera adds a Cyberpunk locale to the anime MMO

Hotta Studios’ Genshin-clone Tower of Fantasy is already getting its first major expansion. Just a month into release, the Tower of Fantasy Vera update aims to massive upgrade the gacha-MMO. 

What is Tower of Fantasy Vera?

As the first expansion for Hotta’s popular MMO, Tower of Fantasy Vera will add a host of new content. Firstly, fans will be able to explore the titular location, a new cyberpunk area to explore. 

In the area, you will explore a new irradiated desert known as The Desert Gobby. In the heart of this desert lies Mirroria, the Cyberpunk city that will be your main port of call for new content. 

In this new area, you’ll be able to pick up new quests, meet new characters and get even more new loot. New mounts, monsters, weapons, bosses and raids are all included in this mega-expansion. 

Furthermore, the Tower of Fantasy Vera expansion will bring with it new events. These events will offer free rewards to great players… which likely means the game’s rampant cheaters as well. 

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How often will there be updates? 

Similar to Genshin and other high-profile gacha games, Tower of Fantasy expansions appear to be coming hot and fast. In order to keep its massive user base engaged, games like ToF need frequent expansions. 

Just like miHoYo, Hotta is seemingly looking to have at least some major content every month. Whether that’s new gacha characters, missions or a huge new environment is yet to be seen. However, it should be good for those who love the game. 

Are you still enjoying Tower of Fantasy on Android? If so, are you excited to hop into this all new area? Tell us what you think of the Vera expansion in the comments below.

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