Tower Of God: New World Has Arrived On Android

Feature image for our Tower Of God: New World news piece. It shows an in-game screen of a cutscene, where a rabbit-like creature in a blue waistcoat holds a hand out toward the viewer.

Tower Of God fans are having a good year for releases. Tower Of God: New World is out today, and is the second free-to-play game in the space of the year that throws you into the world of the webtoon and its mystical, wish-granting megastructure.

The game is an RPG, a gacha RPG as you might expect. You collect an assortment of characters and lead them along through a series of different battles against a variety of foes.

Polished And Pretty

All the characters are rendered in 3D, and quite a lot of attention has gone to the visual aspects. The cutscenes and special moves are pretty snazzy-looking.

The gameplay itself is mostly a strategy RPG. You need to set up a team and position them properly in formation depending on their job in the team. Some kinds of character will synergize well with others of the same, or complementary type to give you a bit of an edge.

Characters will fight automatically, but it’s up to you to deploy their special abilities when it’s most appropriate.

Only Up

Tower Of God, a wildly successful webtoon turned anime, follows the uniquely-named Twenty-Fifth Bam, a young man who grew up in the darkness below the titular tower, with no sight of the sky.

Bam had the company of his closest friend, Rachel, to rely on, so one thing going for him. When she resolves to advance up the tower and see the sky for herself, Bam rushes to go after her.

On reaching the inside of the tower, Bam quickly realizes that the world inside is far more complicated than he imagined, as factions struggle for influence in a brutal hierarchy.

If this all sounds like your speed, you can pick up Tower Of God: New World right now on Google Play.

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