ToyTopia is an Upcoming Casual Puzzler from Webzen, and it’s Getting a Soft Launch Soon 

Webzen made its name in the MMORPG space with the excellent MU series. But in recent years the studio has been diversifying into other genres with titles like Shot Online. 

ToyTopia represents its foray into the world of casual gaming. 

Developed by Webzen Cube Inc., a subsidiary studio with a stellar line-up of casual game developers whose credits from various successful puzzle games and casual games, ToyTopia is a classic match-three puzzler. 

But not just any match-three puzzler. While the evergreen essentials are sure to be present and correct, Webzen Cube is layering on a few innovations to keep the gameplay fresh. 

Yes, you’ll be matching stuff, in rows and columns, three or more at a time—in this instance to defeat a procession of Villain opponents. 

But you’ll also spend your time collecting stars, using these stars to obtain characters from the Dreamcatcher Machine, and placing these characters in buildings to earn Coins. 

We’ll level with you: details are hard to come by at this point, and we’re not entirely sure how the world-building aspects of ToyTopia’s gameplay will work. But Webzen is clearly keen to emphasize the feature, so we can assume that it will be a big part of the game. 

Match-three never gets old, but it’s great to hear that ToyTopia has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. 

We’d love to tell you exactly when ToyTopia is coming out on iOS and Android, but Webzen doesn’t have a firm release date as yet. The studio has revealed that the game will soft launch in Q3 this year. 

That means it could be playable as soon as next week, as long as you live in one of the soft launch regions.

In the meantime, you can follow the ToyTopia Facebook page to get the latest news, events, and sneak peeks. 

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