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Traffix is Free for a Limited Time

Traffix is a beautiful minimalist puzzler, where the aim of the game is guide traffic as harmoniously as possible. There really isn’t much else to Traffix, but yet it still delivers an entertaining and challenging experience.

Traffix – Like Mini Metro but for Cars

Traffix is all about making sure traffic flows with no incidents. They place you in control of a major city’s traffic lights at a popular junction. These major cities include some of the most chaotic roads on earth, and now it’s your job to tame them.

Gameplay involves changing the colour of traffic lights, changing the lights at the wrong times will cause collisions. Traffix has two-game modes, including the campaign and a survival mode. In the survival mode, one crash and that is the end of your run.

If you’re interested in an entertaining minimalistic puzzler, you can grab Traffix for free now.

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