Trail Boss BMX is Coming to Android 27th August

Trail Boss BMX is made by the same guys who created the Pumped BMX series. It’s clear from the minute and a half trailer, it’s the best one yet.

Trail Boss BMX – Everything a BMX game should be

Trail Boss is an awesome-looking BMX game filled with tricks, flips and crazy wipeouts. You play as a daredevil BMX biker, blitzing your way through 40 levels across four different environments. There is BMX customisation, so you can put your own creative flair on your trusty BMX.

What makes Trail Boss BMX a sight for sore eyes is that it is a pay-once premium title. There is no monthly pass or a load of IAPs, just you, a bike and some crazy courses.

Trail Boss is coming to Android the 27th August, if you would like to know more you can visit the official site here.

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