Traitors Empire Card RPG is Out Now

Here at Droid Gamers, we like to keep an eye out for indie games that may slip under your radar. Traitors Empire Card RPG looks like a hidden gem that slipped under my watchful gaze last week.

Traitors Empire – a mix of RPG and a card game

Traitors Empire is at its heart, an RPG. You have your standard squad of heroes and several enemies stand in the way of your quest. Combat takes place in a grid-like system, similar to games like XCOM or any other strategy-based RPG.

Combat involves positioning your troops tactically as well as using your deck of attacks wisely.

There is a standard campaign where you can enjoy the story of Traitors Empire. On top of this, there is also PvP and clan-based PvE where you and your friends take on giant bosses.

If you would like to give Traitors Empire Card RPG a go, then you can download it from the Google Play store.

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