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Trap Labs is Out Now on Android, iOS and Steam

Normally it’s not much of a big deal if a mobile game is released across multiple platforms, but Trap labs is an exception. Trap Labs is an action-puzzle game where players can work against one another other using the cross-platform online features.

Trap Labs – A Combination of Multiple Game Genres

The aim of Trap Labs is to get Billy across the room, dodging all the traps in the process. The only problem is that up to 16 players can be in the same lobby as you at one time. So getting to the other side of the room might be harder than it seems.

The first 25 levels, easy endless mode and online multiplayer are all included for free. If you want to unlock the entire game, you will need to spend $4.99. The full game includes 100 levels of the story campaign, 100 levels of the fast-paced ‘ Level Up’ mode and much more.

If Trap Labs looks like a puzzle game you want to play, why not try it for free from the Google Play Store?

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