Tree Men Games Confirms Pako 3 Coming to Android

A few days ago, Tree Men Games announced more details about the newest entry in its car-chase series, Pako 3. The game is set to launch on iOS on December 2nd, and the good-ish news is that an Android version is on the way as well.

In the Twitter thread revealing the iOS launch date, Tree Men Games stated that it was working on an Android version of the game, and would have more information soon.

The game sees you trying to escape the attentions of the cops in a series of top-down levels. And it looks crazy in all of the right ways. You can check out a trailer below.

There’s going to be 30 new levels, 30 cars to collect, new racing mechanics and all manner of ridiculous hazards to try and avoid. Like helicopters. Helicopters make everything cooler.

On iOS, the game is going to be free, with a couple of IAPs to unlock everything and get rid of the ads.

All of the other Pako games have made it onto Android, so it’s good to see that trend continue with Pako 3. We’ll let you know when we get more confirmed details about the game’s Android release.

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