Trigger Happy: Halloween from Lunagames now available for zombie killing fun

As we get closer to Halloween we always try to find some cool zombie or horror games to play. One game we happen to be playing is Trigger Happy: Halloween by Lunagames. This particular title is pretty straightforward in that you are charged with the mission of killing as many undead zombies as you possibly can.

It isn’t the deepest game in the world (its more for fun), featuring two campaign where you get to unload clips of ammo in order to take down endless amounts of zombies and undead. Each zone, or campaign as it is called, features endless waves of these monsters that won’t stop until you’re dead. As you progress through this game you will unlock additional weapons to help take down said zombies. However ammo management is something you need to keep an eye on.

There are other perks that can be found throughout each level such as health items and multiplyers for your score. Your pistol never runs out of ammo but as you progress further into each campaign, you will want to use the other weapons to cause more damage and kill the zombies faster. If you absolutely need more ammo for your special weapons, that is available as IAPs but this is only optional as you can find ammo as well.

Trigger Happy: Halloween is available off of Google Play for free.

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