Tuesday Afternoon WTF: Return of the weird Android commercials

Welcome to another edition in the “WTF” series we run from time to time. We thought it might be a good idea to kick back up with the return of more weird Android commercials. Before it was the Android mascot in a sweat shop getting human thumbs surgically attached so he could use the Xperia Play.

In fact Sony Ericsson is responsible for not only the whacked out sweat shop series of commercials regarding the Xperia Play but also all the Kristen Schaal ones as well. Luckily, however, this isn’t from Sony Ericsson. This commercial comes from Korea which, judging by the phones, seems to have been sponsored by HTC. This commercial isn’t actually new as it ran last year but it’s new to us!

While the commercial starts off fairly normal with the usual women wearing giant Android phones on a model runway with people cheering almost a little too enthusiastically, it suddenly goes downhill when the Android mascot shows up with some sort of pimp outfit one and a full head of hair. Shortly after breaking out some serious dances moves, at the end he’s seen with a female version of the Android mascot in a wedding dress. Apparently we missed the invite for this wedding. Enjoy!

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