Tuesday Morning Awesomeness: What gaming using Google Glasses could look like

While there is no absolutely known example of what gaming could look like through Google Glasses, although we can certainly guess, this video shows how it could look. This is, of course, hypothetical and even if it does come true would be way in the future.

Still, the ability to load of a game like Battlefield and have everything in your vision overlaid with skins and the enemy popping out of the doors and windows of actual building in from of you is pretty damn awesome. Just imagine watching people running down the street shooting at things only they can see while the rest of us look on. Of course the video below is a fan made video but still it poses an interesting question. So what do you think gaming would be like through Google Glasses? Would be like the video below or would it be something else? Let us know in the comments below.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life

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