Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster has the most useful eyeballs we’ve ever seen

Tupsu- The Furry Little Monster is a game we mentioned in our most recent Under the Radar series and is currently up for vote in the newest Game of the Week poll going on right now. Tupsu is, you guessed it, a furry little monster but instead of arms, he has very handy tentacles.  Wait, can I call them handy if the tentacles only have eyes at the ends? Anyway he uses these tentacles to pull him along through different environments.

The object is to collect the shiny stars, which are scattered through out the stages, by using his sticky eyes to connect him to different surfaces. It all sounds simple, but as the game progress you have to learn to pull or push things around to solve some of the puzzles.

Tupsu Features:

– Intuitive interface for touchscreen devices (drag and tap)
– HD mode is included for all devices
– Beautiful hand drawn and procedural graphics
– Mesmerazing music by
– 30 challenging puzzle levels (no fillers)
– Collectable items
– And very, very sticky eyes

Careful selection of what object you grab or what surface you stick to is an important factor to solving these puzzles. So if you enjoy physics based games like Cut the Rope and World of Goo, go ahead and give Tupsu- The Furry Little Monster a play, and click the link below to help Tupsu collect his shiny stars. Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster is available as a free download off of the Google Play store.

Google Play Link: Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster

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