TWC Games releases official Scream game. You’re the killer though.

TWC Games has just released the official Scream game onto the Android Market called Scre4m. While we are not overly sure why the 4 is in the name, considering it’s the official game, but the idea of having to play as the killer is a nice little twist. Sometimes it is good to be bad.

TWC Games is a subsidiary of Beefy Media that deals with mobile games. This is their first release onto Android and looks pretty promising so far. You play in a top-down perspective as the killer from the Scream movie. Unlike most games, your goal is to successfully slash your way through the game.


  • Fast paced single player mode where you chase down victims and avoid
    the cops
  • Be smart about who you kill and how you kill
  • Multiple fully rendered 3D levels
  • Brag about your highscores to your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • OpenFeint integration with Achievements



While being a hack and slash game at heart, there is some strategy involved. You just can’t go around hacking up everyone you come across, you have to be smart in your murderous ways. If you get good, you can also brag about how awesome you are at killing innocent college students on Facebook and Twitter. You can pick Scre4m up off the Android Market right now for $1.29.

Thanks to Roger lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: TWC Games

Android Market Link: Scre4m

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