Twin Peaks-Inspired Point-and-Click Adventure Truberbrook Gets a Release Date on Mobile

Truberbrook, the highly polished point-and-click adventure game set in ‘60s Germany, finally has a release date on mobile. It’ll be available on the Google Play Store on September the 3rd.

Published by Headup Games, Truberbrook is a classic point-and-click adventure in the tradition of the Monkey Island games and, more recently, Thimbleweed Park. It’s got a dash of Twin Peaks in it too. You play as a US scientist embroiled in some cold war antics.

Presentation is probably the game’s strongest suit, with each scene and character made by hand out of plasticine, glue, and a bunch of other materials, before being enhanced through digital wizardry.

While reviews for the PC and Switch versions have been lukewarm, Truberbrook has won a handful of awards in its native Germany. And a huge amount of craft and care has clearly gone into it. 

In any case, you’ll be able to check Truberbrook out for yourself on September the 3rd. Pre-register now to get the nod. 

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