[Game Review] Twin Runners 2: Bold, Dazzling and Difficult = Good

Just4Fun has unleashed a wonderful game into the Google Play store. It is bold, dazzling and difficult. The controls are easy, but the task to complete is hard, no, impossible. Well, it is possible, but unlikely. The goal is to get your two characters as far as you can, in a maze with obstacles. Twin Runners 2 is a lot of fun, but you will be starting over… a lot.

I came across Twin Runners 2 in a Google+ post. It was described as difficult and impossible. The in-game graphics grabbed my attention immediately. Bright bold colors, in a 3D type maze with numerous obstacles. You and your twin Ninja character are automatically propelled down a course on two separate sides of the maze. All you have to do is make sure each character doesn’t hit an obstacle. Travel as far as you can, and move your characters by touching the screen. Yes, the whole control system is handled with one-touch. Touch the screen once and your characters move inwards. Touch it again and they move out. There are subtle nuances to the movement that you will pick up, after you have played the game a few times… and don’t worry, you will. The game has that immediate pull on those that are competitive gamers. Sure, you can do it! But, try it again because you failed miserably… and in the same spot several times, no less. Any game that has the premise, “Try and Die” is going to be hard. You just don’t realize how hard until you get into the game. 

‘A sadistic game? Easy to learn: just tap the screen to flip ninjas’ direction. Hard to master: you’ll need only one thumb and you have only one brain but.. Two different routes with various obstacles in front of you!” – Just4Fun

If you like brutally difficult games, this one is for you. If you want to work on your patience, this too is a game for you. Just down blame us if you chunk your device across the room. I found the game to be enjoyable, even though it is difficult, because I don’t mind playing until I conquer the last distance I achieved. The game can be frustrating, but it is not because of poor controls or bad level design. The limits of your success is based on your dexterity and your ability to remember what lies ahead after you have failed, or the ability to analyze quickly, what you can do to survive. The good thing is that there is a practice mode. Try it, it will most definitely help.

The graphics are stunning, but simple. The music fits right in with the challenge that lies ahead. Twin Runners 2 is a good game and definitely worth checking out. The game play is not a new concept, but one that is well implemented by Just4Fun. Currently there are four levels: The City, In the Woods, Caverns and Nautilus. There are more levels coming soon. The game is free to play with ads, but you can unlock the game for $2.90, and that is the only in-app purchase. The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services with 15 achievements to unlock and leaderboards, for bragging rights. If you are up to the challenge, download Twin Runners 2. Let us know what your highest percentage complete is.

Twin Runners 2



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