Twisted Wonderland Meets Stitch in New Summer Event

feature image for our twisted wonderland stitch news, the image features promo art for the event with stitch drawn together with a character from the twisted wonderland game, they are both floating in the ocean with sunglasses

A Twisted Wonderland x Stitch event has been announced! Sadly, it’s only available in Japan at the moment. Global players had to wait a long time for the game to be launched worldwide, and it looks like the JP servers are getting the newest content first.

For more information about Twisted Wonderland, visit the official website. Or, you can download the game on Google Play!

When Will Global Servers Get the Event?

As the Twisted Wonderland x Stitch event is a JP-only release at this time, we don’t know the full details regarding the collaboration. However, global fans are ecstatic to find out about this news. 

Having characters such as the blue-haired Floyd interacting with Stitch is a sight to behold for fans. Instead of a student based on Stitch, the fuzzy little man himself is making an appearance – which has greatly impressed players from around the world. 

What’s on Offer During the Event?

Additionally, we do know the obtainable cards that will be available during the Stitch summer event are:

  • R Jack
  • R Azul
  • SR Ace
  • SR Riddle
  • SSR Lilia
  • SSR Floyd

Whether or not global players will get to take part in this event themselves, only time will tell. We sincerely hope they do, as it seems a shame for them to miss out. 

Fan Feedback

The response on social media has been exponentially positive, so Aniplex would be missing out if they decide not to bring the Stitch summer event to global servers. 

Not only would it be a great business move, but it would also strengthen the player base’s morale to keep people playing! If global players continually miss out on special content, it’ll more than likely have a knock-on effect.

If you’re looking for new games to play while you wait for global Twisted Wonderland servers to get the Stitch summer event, check out our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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