Typing Zombie

Usually I don’t go for the typing word games unless they look extremely good. Typing Zombies, developed by GoodTEAM Lab, actually caught my attention because of the name. Anything with zombies in the name always attracts my attention. With this game, you are presented with zombies who want to eat your brains and to destroy them you have to type the word above their heads.

Typing Zombies starts of easy with just one letter but as you continue on your journey of zombies killing it gets harder with longer words to spell, the zombies coming at you faster and appearing closer. You can use either the physical keyboard if your Android phone has one or the on-screen keyboard if it doesn’t.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward which makes this title easy to just pick up and start playing and although the premise is simple, it gets addicting very quickly. Also another interesting feature with Typing Zombies is the fact they use (and advertise even on the main icon) Scoreloop which we reported on about a week ago.


  • Use of both physical and on-screen keyboard
  • Good sound, music and graphics
  • Profiles
  • High Scoreboard
  • Ability to post messages

Overall it’s a pretty good time killer with a lot of replay value due to it being fairly addictive. The only issue I found was a screen resolution issue when testing it on the Nexus One. It seems as though this game was meant for the smaller screen resolutions of the pre-Nexus One phones although if you have a Nexus One, it plays fine and really doesn’t take too much away from the actual game while playing. Compatibility for larger screen sizes should be looked into especially with all the new Android phones coming out that are 4″ or bigger in screen size. You can see a bit of space on the right side of the screen in the pictures that isn’t used.

You can pick this up for free (ad supported, just on the title screen) on the Android market right now. Also if you have Swype, let me know if it’s compatible with it as anyone with Swype should be able to dominate this game.

Developer Website: GoodTEAM Lab

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