Ubisoft working on a fresh new IP for the Android platform

One of the bigger game development companies out there, Ubisoft, is reportedly working on a ‘new IP’ for Android and iOS while it is currently working on porting over current IPs to tablets already. Interestingly enough, they specifically mention that there is no current news about supporting the Xperia Play.

Here is what Ubisoft’s contact had to say to PocketGamer when asked about upcoming games for mobile:

We’ll be working with some of our successful IPs and releasing new ones. We’ll also be launching on Android, but no current news for Xperia Play.


Unfortunately we don’t have any idea what these new IPs will be but hopefully they will be something good. On the flip side of things, they are working on porting their current titles over to tablets which they announced back in July and by the sounds of it, some are nearing ready for release. One of Ubisoft’s newer titles, From Dust, was playable on a tablet via OnLive’s Universal Controller during E3 but we were told that it would be playable with touch controls as well so don’t be surprised if From Dust is one of their first new titles on Android.

Of course we will keep our ears to the ground and try to find out more news about what this new IP could be.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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