UK retailer GAME has OUYA pre-order live on their site

The UK retailer GAME has the Android-powered console available for pre-orders through the company’s website as of this morning. The pre-orders, which currently have no shipping date attached to it, are available for £99 for those of you who want to pre-order one for the first line of shipping for people who didn’t back the console’s Kickstarter campaign.

For those of you who may be too busy to notice what day it is, today is OUYA day as shipping begins for those of you who did back the console’s Kickstarter campaign. Also, the launch party is going to be happening tonight in San Fransisco for backers as well. Granted you have to live near San Fransisco in order to enjoy the party, that or have the money to blow to travel all the way there to be a part of the party.

While there is no shipping date for these pre-orders yet, it has been mentioned before that retail sales and shipping would be happening sometime around June 2013. So we can expect that these pre-orders will most likely be some of the first units to ship out at around that time.

Official Website: GAME OUYA Pre-orders

Website Referenced: Android Central

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