Unchained Developers release a Wipeout style game called GBikes onto Android

Most people who have owned a Playstation from back in the day have more than likely played a game called Wipeout. Essentially it was just a futuristic racing game where you would race against opponents in spaceships and you had the ability to upgrade parts of your ship to improve it.

Well there is a new game on the Android Market in similar style to Wipeout called GBikes from Unchained Developers. Features some pretty slick 3D graphics, GBikes is all about racing and beating your opponents and when you do, you are able to upgrade your ship with various improvements to the engine and handling.

GBikes Features:

– beautiful graphics
– various soundtracks
– 18 races
– 6 worlds
– Inside and Outside races
– Easy control and sophisticated game mechanics
– Possibility to setup graphics acording to your mobile device
– Multiplayer (Beta)

GBikes also comes with the ability to play against other people in a multiplayer mode although it is a beta feature as of right now. When the PC version of the game comes out, you will be able to compete against both Android and PC players in cross-platform multiplayer. Still it is a pretty enjoyable racing game if you like the whole futuristic theme.

If you are up for a little futuristic racing this Monday afternoon you may want to check this particular game out. It is available on the Android Market for around $3.08. You can check the game out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Unchained Developers

Website Referenced:

Android Market Link: GBikes

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