Uncover your past, as well as your destiny, in The Station. Now available from Google Play

Fans of text based games may want to check out a new entrant into that genre. Dubbed, The Station, this is a gamebook where players are looking to answer a plethora of questions, but start with just about zero answers. In this game, players will be assuming the role of one Sue, who awakens in a space shuttle.

Early on, players learn that she has received a head injury of sorts (leading into memory loss), so players are looking to piece together elements of her past, as well as encountering other characters, as they drive the story forward. The story is one that branches out into multiple endings, so not only to your choices impact the direction of the story, but there is an element of replay within the game.

The Station Features:

– lasers
– brain damage
– lots of accidents
– vending machines
– zero gravity horror
– one rather short labyrinth
– visually compelling feature list
– linux puzzles, but not too hard ones
– a full menagerie of quirky & annoying maintenance machinery

The Station is currently available from Google Play for a cost of $1.99, and is lacking both ads as well as IAPs. Feel free to enjoy the full hour of magical space drone music with deep space bass as well that comes with The Station. The game’s trailer is below for your viewing.

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