Pre-Download Undawn Now on Android Before Official Launch on June 15

feature image for our undawn pre-download news, the image features a promo image for the game of the launch characters standing by a smashed van that is on fire, they are all holding weapons such as a crossbow, gun, and bat, while surrounded by abandoned vehicles and a post-apocalyptic cityscape behind them, there is text at the bottom that reads "open world survival RPG explore adapt survive"

The pre-download for Undawn is now available on Android devices. Get ahead of the curve before the game officially launches on June 15. Pre-downloading the title will allow you to get straight into the action as soon as the release date rolls around.

Undawn is an open-world survival RPG that is playable on mobile devices and PC. The game itself features a ton of things to do, such as decorating your base, customising your character, and exploring the vast map.

For more information about the game, visit the official website or pre-download Undawn on Google Play now!

How the “Survival” Aspect Works

As Undawn is a survival game, keeping an eye on your hunger, health, hydration, vigor, and mood is critical. The surrounding environment will also have an effect on your character’s well-being, providing a satisfyingly immersive experience. It’s not just your needs that you need to take care of though, as danger is lurking around every corner. Equip powerful weapons to fend off the infected as you do your best to survive another day.

Traverse the map across various terrains, each including unique ecosystems, animals, and plants. The weather may not always be in your favor, meaning you’ll have to deal with strong gales, pouring rain, and icy snow.

Utilise your gathered materials to craft weapons and tools, as well as cook up an abundance of recipes for you and your allies back at the base of operations. Created using Unreal Engine 4, the game features stunning visuals that look great across all devices. 

Will Smith Gets Involved in the Post-Apocalyptic Action

In a random turn of events, Level Infinite has involved Will Smith in tUndawn. He plays a Legendary Survivor named Trey Jones, who we assume will be playable. There isn’t any voice acting in the cinematic trailer that was released for the special announcement, but that could change once Smith makes an appearance in the game.

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