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Undergrave Provides Hours of Turn-Based Roguelike Fun

feature image for our undergrave android release, the image features a screenshot from the game, of the main character taking part in combat against a group of enemies with a large sword

If you’re a fan of roguelikes, you may be happy to learn about Undergrave, which has just launched on Android! It’s an action-packed grid-based mobile game with gorgeous art and hours of gameplay on offer.

You can purchase Undergrave on Googe Play for a decent price too! At the low price of £5.49, you can’t really complain. The game’s perfect to delve into during your daily commute, or when you’re unwinding at the end of the day. 

For more information, visit the game’s official Steam page and page!

Turn-Based and Grid-Based!

Move tile by tile as you navigate the animated labyrinth, dashing towards enemies to attack with your blade. It’s important to be tactical when deciding where to move, as each ability consumes your stamina – keep in mind that stamina replenishes with each turn. 

Use your sword to pierce through your opponents, or dodge their incoming attacks when you’re lacking a sharp blade. Stun your enemies as you traverse from one tile to another, and launch your sword toward your target to deal high damage. 

The turn-based combat adds an extra layer of difficulty to your runs and encourages you to use strategic movement when attempting to avoid the enemy.

Stylish and Strategic

The dark-themed pixel art complements the overall gameplay perfectly as you progress through each level. You may even find yourself facing a choice between three brand-new skills such as the Ghost Sword, or the Light Throw. 

Here at Droid Gamers, we’re all about supporting indie developers and shining a light on hidden gems. Undergrave is the second game developed by Wired Dreams Studio, with the Undergrave demo proving popular amongst players. 

Roguelike games are brilliant to dip into when you’ve got a spare few minutes at any time of the day – and Undergrave adds an interesting turn-based puzzle element to the beloved genre!

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