Unity 3D interactive media table – Head-to-head gaming while you have a coffee (or beer), just bring your smartphone

Unity3D has been focusing a lot on being completely cross-platform compatible and as of late, a lot more mobile focused especially with their upcoming 3.2 update and having been Android compatible from the beginning. This little display is a prime example if what we could see popping up in cafes in the future at the rate things are going.

Called the Interactive Media Table, it is similar to the Microsoft media table but geared towards gaming. Sit down, sip your coffee or beer and square off against your friend in some head-to-head gaming action using your smartphone as your gaming controller. The tablet features a split screen so each player has their own viewpoint and using whatever smartphone your have, Android or iOS or Windows Live, as your game controller, you face off for some casual gaming action.

It could be a two-player co-op game or you can race against each other, it doesn’t matter. Obviously right now this is strictly a promotional display to show off what can be done with Unity3D and the cross-platform features it has. Whether this sees the public light is another matter altogether. Either way, it is pretty damn cool.

Check out the cool Android mascot driving the boat in the game these guys are playing in the demo. Apparently the guy stirring had one too many beers before taking the wheel of the boat. He’s using an HTC EVO as his game controller.

Developer Website: Unity3D

Website Referenced: Electricpig

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