Unity3D upcoming version 3.2 to come with multiple mobile graphics optimizations

When it comes to game engines, Unity3D is right up there among the top with the likes of Unreal Engine 3 and Shive3D. The upcoming update to the recently released Unity3D ver.3 will including a lot of optimizaition geared towards mobile graphics for both iOS and Android. However, we only care about the Android end of things.

Some Improvements Include:

  • Precision of Shader Computations: Unity 3.2 will make much better use of different precision shader computations in OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders which will apparently result in a 50%-150% increase in speed for complex shaders.
  • Normal Mapping: This has been tweaked as well to be more optimized for mobile devices. The compression scheme has been changed and Unity 3.2 will also implement assembly optimized skinning for normal mapped meshes, this is now 4x faster.
  • Built-in Shaders: New shaders will be shipped with Unity 3.2 that are optimized versions of the standard shaders that come with Unity3D. These new optimized shaders will be for use in mobile game development which, again, will increase speeds of rendering.


Other notable improvements include optimized internals of the OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer for lower CPU overhead and alpha-testing has been changed so that those objects are rendered after all fully opaque ones. All this is directed to improve mobile gaming and also to help developers build better 3D mobile games for Android.

Currently, Unity3D 3.2 is in RC1 status and Unity hopes to be having this shipped at some point this month.

Developer Website: Unity3D

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