Universal Pictures’ Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax released onto Android in Truffula Shuffula

Not to be completely confused with the Truffle Shuffle from the Goonies, Truffula Shuffula is a match-3 game featuring the Lorax from Dr. Seuss. While at its core it is just a match-3 style puzzle game, it does have some decent graphics and is completely themed around Dr. Seuss and the Lorax.

When playing Truffula Shuffula, if you happen to get stuck and there are no more matches for you to make, you can shake your device or push the Shuffle button in order to shuffle up the current pieces on your screen. This should, hopefully, allow you to continue on making matches.

Truffula Shuffula Features:

• Fast-paced action that becomes increasingly challenging as you play.
• Share your score through Facebook and Twitter and invite friends to play.
• Watch the move trailer after you play!

Essentially this is a movie promo for the upcoming The Lorax movie but even so, it is a pretty challenging game once you start getting further into it. There are no stages, it is just one long match-3 game that doesn’t end until you have no more matches even after shufflers.

If you are up for checking this interesting little game out that is promoting The Lorax movie, you can nab it off the Android Market for free. We have also included an educational video below for those of you unfamiliar with the Truffle Shuffle from the Goonies.

Android Market Link: Truffula Shuffula

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