Unstoppable Penguin from Socosoft runs onto the Google Play store

Our friends at SOCOSOFT, who’ve made themselves known for their other games such as Diamond Wonderland and Parking King, have released a new game called Unstoppable Penguin which comes in the form of a 2D Continuous Runner with one bad ass looking penguin.

In Unstoppable Penguin you get to play as a ninja penguin who is out to avenge the death of his mate. This is done by running endlessly through nice looking island scenery where it is your job to avoid or kill the enemies with your weapons and you can always pick up the coins scattered all along the road.

The game features cartoon-ish visuals and a suiting ninja soundtrack as well as seven power-ups that will make the game even more entertaining. It’s to be mentioned that, as long as your power bar is charged, you can not only run but fly your way through this place. Keeping with the going trend nowadays, the game is free-to-play with in-app coin purchases and a store dedicated to get you the power-ups for your penguin.

If you happen to be looking for yet another continuous running game to play, take a look at Unstoppable Penguin. Since this game is free-to-play you can download it right now for free and should you find that you need to get power-ups faster than earning them, you can buy them through the in-game purchasing system.

Google Play Link: Unstoppable Penguin

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