Upcoming Action-RPG Dungeonforge aims to be the most graphically intense game for Android

Collective Dream Studios contacted us about their upcoming Action-RPG game called Dungeonforge, admitting to be complete fanboys of Android which is always nice to hear once in awhile. Aside from that though, they talked about their upcoming game and how it will be big… very big… and the most graphically intense game for Android to date.

Dungeonforge will be a dungeon crawling Action-RPG that is being developed for gaming-centric Android devices. With that in mind, Collective Dreams Studios is throwing everything at this game, not just with the visuals, but the content as well. Unless you have a lower-end Android device, you’ll be playing the PC version of this game on your Android phone or tablet.

Gameplay sessions and the game world you’re currently apart of will be shared between both versions of the game. So you can play on your Android device while out, then log into the PC version when you get home and continue playing. In this game, you’ll be the dungeon master so it will be you who is driving the content, sort of like playing tablet top D&D. This also means there is a map editor so you can create campaigns.

There’s no exact release date announced or pricing either. We do have some screenshots and an official trailer though to enjoy until the game is released.

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