[Update: Game Released] Upcoming interactive gamebook by Richard Morgan called A Land Fit For Heroes gets a new trailer

Back in June of this year we reported on a new interactive gamebook series that would be heading our way soon from Liber Primus Games, developers of the Narborion Saga series. This new gamebook series, however, is written by Richard Morgan whose previous includes writing Crysis 2 and Syndicate.

Update: November 11th, 2015 10:43am PST: For those of you who have been waiting for this gamebook to arrive, A Land Fit For Heroes is now available for download off of Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for Kindle devices. You can snag a copy off of either market for $1.00 through the new links at the bottom of this article.

Officially titled A Land Fit For Heroes, this interactive gamebook is based off of Richard Morgan’s morbid fantasy trilogy (The Steel Remains, The Cold Commands and The Dark Defiles) but the time period of this book will run parallel to The Steel Remains, book one of the trilogy. Since this is an interactive gamebook, players will be determining the course of how the book plays out through the choices you make while reading it.

This story will contain three heroes, whose paths will cross but the player determining the outcome of said meetings. The three heroes are Kirellin of House Caith who is a skilled war veteran, Calnar is a young Majak warrior, and Ilaria is an accomplished thief. As the story goes, “Children go missing in the marshes. Ancient spirits awaken. Powerful machine-demons manipulate the fate of mankind. But all of this is just a game for even darker forces”.

The interesting part about this game is that it has the ability to be played as a multiplayer title, something you don’t see at all with other gamebooks. So this is a first for the gamebook genre. Since there are three heroes in this game, there can also be up to three players that play A Land Fit For Heroes. How this actually works out remains to be seen though.

A Land Fit For Heroes is slated for release onto mobile devices later this month. In the meantime, there is a new trailer (below) as well as new screenshots for everyone to check out.

Official Website: Land Fit For Heroes registration

Amazon Appstore: Land Fit For Heroes (Kindle Devices)

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