[Update: Game Released] Help a stranded astronaught survive an unexpected visitor in Lifeline: Halfway to Inifinity. Pre-registration now live.

3 Minute Games is known for creating games that are not only text based, but also time based. They revolved around the idea that players are interacting with the protagonist, via a messaging service, and the player is the only person whom the protagonist can reach.

Update: December 12th, 2016 7:55am PST: If you have been waiting for this game to arrive, you can now pick up a copy of Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity off of Google Play for a cool $1.99 using the new link at the bottom of this article.

As a result, it’s incumbent upon players to offer advice by selecting from dialog options, then wait for the protagonist to text back, after completing the task in real-time. In short, it’s a twist on Choose Your Own Adventure. Thus, there might be a flurry of messaging that is chased by the hero going dark for a few hours. 3 Minute Games is in the process of releasing a new game in their Lifeline franchise that will be dubbed: Halfway to Infinity. In this release, players will be assisting Taylor, who is an astronaut that was sent out alone on a mission to encircle a black hole. The twist comes in the form of Taylor’s learning that the solitude isn’t there, and someone or something is on board as well.

Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity Features:

• Taylor’s epic struggle for survival continues!
• The sixth installment in the hugely popular Green Series!
• Acclaimed author and fan favorite Dave Justus returns!
• Immerse yourself in this sci-fi adventure with notifications from Taylor delivered throughout your day.
• Your decisions could change the course of humanity… and possibly time itself!

The page on Google Play currently allows players to register, and be notified when the game becomes available in some form. If their previous pricing models are any indicator, this game will be in the $1.99 – $2.99 range up front, with ads and IAPs as well.

Google Play: Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity

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